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Aug 1st

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Dec 1st

First Generation College Celebration Day

Nov 8th

First-Gen College Celebration Day

Nov 8th

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Empowering FGLI students by connecting them to each other, resources, and colleges that value them.

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"There are so many people who believe in you."

"There are so many people who believe in you."

- Michelle Obama, First-Generation College Graduate

Are you a First-Generation and/or Limited-Income Student?

If neither of your parents has a bachelor's degree, then you're a first-generation student. And, if you qualify for a Pell Grant, then you're a limited-income student. Of course, you could be both!

What Does Being A First-Generation/

Limited-Income College Student Mean to You?

"Intrusive thoughts are something we are all prone to, thinking we aren’t good enough is in our nature, but so is collaboration, we are not weak nor lesser for asking for help when we need it, we don’t need to do this alone, we are greater than our insecurities and past failures, we will overcome these barriers."

Moises Trejo-Garcilazo

Southern Utah University

What does being first-generation/

limited-income mean to you? 

Click here to let us know!

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