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“13 Reasons Why You Should Have A Mentor”


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What is a mentor?

“A mentor refers to an individual with specialized knowledge or experience who offers advice and helps guide someone with less experience or knowledge, known as a mentee. Mentors are trusted advisors that often provide their mentee with information regarding their career path, as well as motivation, guidance and emotional support. They keep the best interests of their mentee in mind and serve as a role model in their life or career.”


1. Professional Reference

“Depending on the amount of time you spend with your mentor, you may be able to use them as a professional reference for your future employment opportunities. Not only can they talk about your relevant experience, but they can also highlight your professional growth and all that you've overcome and accomplished.”


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2. Constructive Criticism

“Mentors offer you constructive criticism to help you make positive improvements for both your personal and professional development. Rather than general advice you may receive from a friend or family member, a mentor offers specific and actionable suggestions to help you grow in certain areas of your life. They draw attention to your mistakes and weaknesses, highlight what you're doing well and help you establish stronger working relationships.”


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3. New Perspective

“Having a mentor can help you gain new and unique perspectives that you may not have previously considered. For example, they may help you develop strategies or solutions, present you with new ideas or concepts on how to do something or help you with your own self-discovery. When it comes to the latter, mentors can help you better understand who you are and what you want to achieve in your life, thus making it easier when it comes to setting goals.”


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4. Goal-setting

“Mentors help keep you accountable when it comes to your various goals. Not only that, but they can even help you set specific and measurable goals to aid your career advancement. Mentors provide clarity on how to reach your goals at a quicker pace and ensure they're attainable.”


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5. Network Connections

“Mentors provide access to new opportunities in your industry. Whether they introduce you to new opportunities directly, take you to relevant events or introduce you to their network connections, their help can help further your career advancement. When you have a mentor, make sure to express your interest in meeting new contacts and widening your network.”


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6. Guidance

“When choosing a mentor, opt for an individual with specific experience or skills you need to excel in your career. With their specialized knowledge and experience, mentors can offer you expert advice and guidance to help you grow as an individual. The advice and insight you receive can help you make wise choices in both your personal and professional development. This advice can also gain knowledge and shorten any learning curves you may face.”


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7. Unfiltered Opinion

“Mentors can provide you with an unfiltered opinion on various aspects of your life. With their candor, you're better equipped to make strategic decisions to benefit your career. For example, if you're working on a new project, a mentor can help you see which of your ideas have potential and which need improvement. Essentially, their unfiltered opinion provides you with a greater chance of success.”


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8. Words of Encouragement

“When problems arise in your personal or professional life, mentors can offer much-needed support. Having a source of positive encouragement during challenging times can give you the motivation or confidence you need to keep pursuing your goals.”


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9. Improved Morale

“When mentors share their wealth of knowledge and experience, it can help you hone your own craft and feel more competent at your job. Feeling like you can do your job well can increase your mood and happiness, therefore boosting your overall job satisfaction.”


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10. Increased Salary

“Using a mentor's specialized knowledge can help you advance in your career. Your career advancement then presents new opportunities that may offer higher compensation. A mentor can also help you get promoted, help you negotiate a higher salary and help you find more worthwhile opportunities that allow you to earn more money.”


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11. Trusted Confidante

“Having a mentor provides you with a third-party that can offer you objective advice regarding various aspects of your life. Not only do they serve as a great resource and provide you with a wealth of knowledge, but they're also a trusted ally who you can trust to give you an honest opinion.”


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12. Challenge

“Just as mentors provide motivation, they also challenge you to become better employees and people overall. Mentors help you step out of your comfort zone and embrace new opportunities and challenges you may not have previously considered.”


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13. Timekeeper

“Once a mentor gets familiar with your schedule and various projects, they're able to determine the amount of time you need to complete each of your assignments. They can offer reassurance if you feel like you're running low on time or offer strategies to help you improve your time management skills.”


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