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Take a look at the National

Conference Presentations


Presented by Jayla and Alexis 

Intersecting Identities

Presented by Khalid and Kevin 

Scholarships and Grants

Presented by Andrea and Peyton 

Federal Work-Study

Presented by Truely and Galiba

Going to Grad School

Presented by Cristina and Christine

Going to Law School

Presented by Cameron

Study Abroad

Presented by Sakira and Daisha

Extracurriculars and Leadership

Presented by Moises and Elizabeth

The Ships (Interns and Fellow)

Presented by Habeebh and Sebastian

Finding Your First Professional Job

Presented By Rabiya and Jimmy

Dedicated Space and Staff for FGLI Students

Presented by Wendy and Angele

Summer Bridge and Pre-Orientation

Presented by Mercedes and Nooraan

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